Seriously? OK, spoilers below regarding the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead. Do not read further if you have not watched the episode. You have been warned.

Ok, Scott Gimple and TWD creative people. WTF? Are you trying to drive people away? Did you just dump a truckload of gas all over the last bridge and light a match? What were/are you thinking?

I have been a fan of TWD since I first watched the pilot. It is entertaining and fun to look at the scenarios and arm chair quarterback what the characters do. While some people feel you can learn things from it, even if you don’t, you can learn thing to NOT do from watching it. I admit to sympathizing with some characters and feeling loss when a favorite is killed (RIP Glenn, Abraham, Dale, Andrea, T-Dog, Herschel)

Over time the show has evolved from surviving the walker hordes to surviving the pockets of survivors. The walkers (or biters or grabbers) are really just a nuisance at this point, similar to flies and easily dispatched with a knife or other pointy object to the head. The survivors though seem to be getting better organized all the time.

Still my original point remains; WTF? How are you going to have Carl, the person who has grown, literally and figuratively, the most over the course of the show, get bitten by a walker? I understand that Carl’s death may have significant meaning for the rest of the show, but you better prove it to me with the premiere in February. If I am not amazed, I doubt I will finish the season.

Sorry about the rant folks, I just wanted to get it out there and off of my chest. If anyone wants to comment feel free. Thank you and keep on preppin.

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