Why do we prep?

Why do you prep? Why do I prep? My wife has asked me that several times and, to be honest, she still is not on board (that’s an article for a later date). When she asks me that, or complains about food buckets in a closet, I tell her that it is “just in case”. I do not really worry about an end of day’s apocalypse, or an EMP taking out our power grid. I do worry about things like extreme weather, losing my job, and social unrest.

I do not feel as if I need to list all of the potential reasons to be prepared. I am certain that most people visiting this site already have their own reasons. However, for those people just starting out, or the occasional friend or family member of a prepper who wants to gather more information, there are many reasons to be prepared. Personally, I find that being prepared gives me peace of mind that my family will have food, water, shelter and heat in the event of an emergency. We may not live like kings, but we won’t be starving or freezing either.

For the most part, it seems that the disasters or emergencies we face would be considered natural disasters. I consider those of us living in central Texas to be very fortunate. For the most part, we rarely have snow, and certainly not the several feet that plagues many other areas of the country. We rarely dip below freezing in the winter and if you don’t like the weather, just wait five minutes or so and it will change. Despite the mild winters and all around terrific weather, we do occasionally have our share of extreme weather conditions, things like tornadoes, flooding, the occasional snow or ice storm, power outages caused by all three, droughts, and wildfires. I know for a fact that all of these have happened in the past and impacted people in a number of ways. While we don’t have to talk about each of these in depth, I do feel that it is necessary to acknowledge that any or all of these can happen here.

Besides any of the above disasters occurring here, there is the likelihood of central Texas being impacted by events outside of our area. Hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico approaching Texas coastal cities can result in many evacuees coming to, or passing through the central Texas region. While the impacts to the residents were most strongly felt southeast of us, there is no doubt that our highways and region did feel the effects. Likewise, our resources are taxed when events like this occur and there is also the increased potential for crime. To me these are all good reasons to stay home and buttoned up if there is an evacuation going on at the coast.

Another reason (or category if you like that better) to be prepared is what I consider the human element. I am talking about those unintended aspects of life that can occur to any one of us. Layoffs, getting fired or injured, or serious illnesses can all distress you and your family. A sudden breakdown of a vehicle or just an accident can also have negative consequences. I had a coworker who broke a bone in his foot and could not work for several weeks and he was the sole provider for his wife and two children. Yes, he had workman’s compensation, but it only provided a percentage of his usual pay. So, for several weeks, his family had to juggle different bills and debts in order to make ends meet. Fortunately it was only a short period of time, but, had it lasted longer they may have been in trouble. On the flip side, if he had prepared well, maybe he would have had a months’ worth of food put up, a few hundred dollars in a coffee can, and some other preparations to make life a little easier during that period.

The final category I would discuss is the unexpected. My philosophy is that you cannot be prepared for every possible situation, but in general preparedness you can meet almost any obstacle head on and come out relatively unscathed. No one knows what might happen. There are simply too many possibilities to list. But being ready and prepared gives you and your family an advantage that many others will not have. Let’s face it, the ultimate goal in any situation is survival. If you suddenly find yourself in a life and death situation you had better be prepared.

I will leave you with that for now. Until next time, I would love to hear anyone’s experiences or situations. Why do you prepare? What did you or your family face and how did it affect you. Are you more of a prepper now because of it? What advice do you have for anyone just starting out? Until next time, thank you and take care.

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